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8 Best Cities to Study Abroad

Now the opportunity to study abroad more extensive. You can choose different countries to become a destination. Be sure to be in the city proper. Here are 8 of the best cities for study abroad: 1. Paris Paris has 17 universities that are more comfortable than all cities in the world, except London. Paris also […]

Computer skills and their role in job

Those who in recent years had to actively look for another job, could not help but notice how the changed requirements for professional applicant. Quality now include not only skills, but also computer. What skill level necessary to perform the appropriate label in the summary. What computer skills are required of candidates for the vacant […]

10 Skills To Increase Jobs Opportunity

Although not written in terms of employment, skills is mandatory that employees have to be successful to get a job or develop a career in the workplace. Writing Ability More than half of employers say the ability to communicate, such as writing a requirement for their employees. Without being able to communicate clearly or express […]

10 Tips to Before Submit Job Application online

Statistics show that about 50 percent of medium and large enterprises almost all use Applicant Tracking System / Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen prospective job seekers. There are various reasons recruiters and hiring managers adopt this type of technology. With ATS in place, the human resources department can automate and store documents online recruitment […]

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